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When the director tried communicating by radio a third time, there was no answer. They searched the house and detained her son and her grandson. When his wife called back, she was unable to reach him. She came across the convoy on a highway near the airport, she said, and followed them from a distance as they carried out raids on several other homes.

Recognize the jurisdiction of the Committee on Enforced Disappearances to receive complaints of enforced disappearances submitted by individuals and states. Yet in case after case, Human Rights Watch found that they relied disproportionately, or even entirely, on families to carry out key investigative tasks. Investigative Failures Our research shows that authorities routinely fail to respond in a timely fashion when victims, their families, or witnesses report abductions while they are taking place. The mass graves discovered in one state may well contain the remains of people disappeared in others.

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The incident began with the police officers beating the victim with batons, after which they urged others to beat him. In addition to relying excessively on families, prosecutors fail to carry out basic investigative steps. The report also notes when individuals have been charged in disappearance cases. The police who attended to them denied that officers had detained anyone named Israel Arenas. They did not file charges out of fear of reprisals and further victimization.

They would always look for condoms. What sets these crimes apart is that, for as long as the fate of the victim remains unknown, they are ongoing. The officers responded that they were not responsible for what happened in that part of the town and could not leave the location where they had been posted.

Sometimes I think being a martyr would be better than having to live with all this. He said Israel had been detained for crashing into a police vehicle and was being held in the station.

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At this writing, according to local human rights defenders, the police had also been charged by federal prosecutors with colluding with organized crime and were awaiting trial. The individuals have not been seen since they were arrested.

In their absence, their spouses and partners were forced to take immediate measures to adapt to the loss of income and provide for their families. At this writing, nine police officers had been charged in the disappearance, while the investigation remained ongoing. And nowhere is it more urgent than in cases where people have been taken against their will and their fate is still unknown. Searches and investigations were further hindered by structural problems such as overly narrow laws and the lack of critical tools like a national database of the disappeared. Rather than strengthening public security, these abuses had exacerbated a climate of violence, lawlessness, and fear.

She managed to escape, and she went to a local hospital and filed a report. When she arrived at the local police station to file a report, the chief officer on duty refused to take her report and had her taken to a nearby hospital. Most commonly, security forces arbitrarily detain victims and then hand them over to criminal groups. This is, after all, a national problem, often involving federal security forces and organized crime groups that operate across state lines.

At first, both sides were distrustful. We are not aware of evidence of the participation of state actors in these crimes.

No record was made of her presence at the police station. In other cases, prosecutors told families the missing person had most likely been detained by security forces, and would eventually be handed over to justice officials or released without charge. Due to these and other serious obstacles, advances in the investigations have been limited.