Spike said nothing for a while

Discords dating game

She had hidden it so well that no one had been able to figure it out, save Zecora, but she knew everything. One was refined, the other was tough. One was generous, the other honest. Looks like we'll have to change the channel.

In fact, you have done a lot of nice things for me, Spike, all of which I have taken for granted. The cowgirl could not say it. So I kept it all to myself. She hung her head in defeat. He looked between the two mares.

She figured she might as well play along. Her legs started shaking as the fear and embarrassment that had bottled up inside her all these years came to a boil. No one was ever supposed to know. He recalled Bachelorette Number Two's other answers and she sounded like a compassionate and understanding girl.

She's bold, independent, honest, strong, and she's cool to hang out with. His hope increased at the chance that it could be Rarity.

Applejack pulled her hat over her face. They were both attractive, they were both hard-working, they both made his heart flutter and they both had incredible personalities. Fluttershy shook her head.

When the light died down, Spike was sitting between Applejack and Rarity on a couch and Discord in an armchair across from them. Then we'd continue with our date. Twilight and Fluttershy were in the front row of the audience, looking just as perplexed as the ponies and dragon onstage. You see, folks, Spike here is caught between two beautiful mares, one whom he's worshiped from afar and one who is head over heels for him.

Then we'd continue with ourWhen the light died down

Today, he is going to choose between the two. He cautiously stepped toward her. The dragon was struck in awe.