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This aggresive music bed is fast tempo punk rock. Full Track - Rock, Post-Rock. Energetic heavy metal track based on heavy guitars, a punchy drum kit and a gritty electric bass. Good track for any film, doc, or videos that need an upbeat, nostalgic sound to them. Now everyone can download ringtones and show their individuality.

Also good for commercials. Sixties garage style rock song with male vocals and a great hook chorus that will get in your head for days. Starts with a funk metal riff followed by a metal pop chorus. Great to invoke a determined mood. Get them in an easy and convenient way!

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Lyrics explore feelings of rage and anger tempered by the belief that justice will be administered by higher forces. Summertime in the early s, California. Mustang Sally a-like rock blues great for drinking beer and hanging in the bar.

It features thundering drums, and stacks of synths. An upbeat southern rock instrumental with a twist to the ice skating rink genre with big and powerful guitars and drums, and a classic fun hammond organ melody. Featuring sax melodies and a flowing real horn section.

Ideal for an action sequence, extreme sports or car commercial. This instrumental track features drums, bass, and electric guitar with a very retro, classic sound. Great for a dark spaghetti western, dark B movie comedy or halloween oriented show. Great for a unique party scene in a television commercial, film or fun romantic southern comedy on ice.

Time to pack up the surf boards, and transistor radios into the Woody, and head to the beach for some sun and fun. It's raw, rocking and full of swagger. Before you download the ringtone, you can listen it online.

Variation - News, News Openings. This Beatlesque beauty is filled with stunning melody lines, lush vocal arrangements and even a catchy trumpet solo. You don't need to buy mobile tones online anymore! Ident - Rock, Classic Rock. Suited for Sci Fi, Horror in all media settings.

Punchy heavy metal instrumental. It's got the pulse, the drive.

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Jangly rhythm guitars, groovy bass, flowing organ and huge real drums round out the ensemble. Variation No lead guitar - Rock, Classic Rock. Great for a cop show spoof or a piece requiring a meaty brass or horn section. Think Iggy Pop and Lou Reed for that intoxicated male lead vocal.

On our site you can find best ringtones. You can find thousands of top ringtones for free. Energetic Modern Metal instrumental in the style of Papa Roach with a rhythmic main groove going into a more driving, open chorus. The steady yet haunting distorted heavy guitar is unrelenting and mimics the onslaught of battle while the talking style vocals is unsure of himself and eager to get the job done. Button end with cymbal ring.

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It can be used in many settings such as, extreme sports, commercials, video games, corporate presentations, or anything needing that fast, heavy, energetic sound. Fast tempo, car images hd and great for anything that deals with that era.

Gritty guitars and big rock bass and drums! It speaks to being alienated and on the edge of the world. Great for any suspenseful desert setting.

Upbeat music, and good times. Aggressive and youthful, it rollicks with confidence and wild, carefree living.

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How to find out the version of my platform? Powerful, big and grandiose jazz surf rock song with a driving, cool and upbeat vibe. Stinger - Rock, Heavy Metal.

The convenient search system and an opportunity to listen music online allows you to choose the rington you like the most. Download music to your phone very quick and easy! This tune exudes an upbeat positive basic rock feel you can listen to all night long. Big long ending can be tailor to your timing. Loop - Rock, Classic Rock.