Girls Dancing at Slumber Party

As Rudy's oldest friend, Kenny always thought he would be Rudy's first love. When Cliff temporarily confines the twins in an overturned playpen while he vacuums up cookie crumbs, Sondra explodes, accusing him of cruelty.

Geoffrey Owens as Elvin becomes a regular cast member. In addition or instead, a celebratory reception may be held partway through or at the end of an exhibition run. Sondra and Elvin want to provide for the twins in their will.

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When Elvin volunteers to teach Theo some expert wrestling moves, he has to break it to Sondra that he will not be able to go to the theater with her.

But Cliff prefers a different guyAs Rudy's oldest friend Kenny alwaysAt the commencement ceremony

Sondra's smitten with her boyfriend, Elvin, who is not always reliable. McGee pairs Rudy and Clarence and they mend fences all on their own.

But Cliff's plan backfires when Clair is struck by how good Mrs. At the commencement ceremony, Cliff thinks back eight years to the day he used Monopoly money to illustrate the harsh realities of life to thenyear-old Theo.

But Cliff prefers a different guy for her, Daryl, a pre-med student, who he thinks would make a great addition to the family. Impressed, they offer to fly him to their San Francisco headquarters for an interview. Cliff is amused and Denise is distraught when the love-struck Theo dazzles Suzanne with tales of sophistication in an effort to win a date with her.

Russell is pleasantly surprised

At some block parties, attendees are free to pass from house to house, socializing, and often drinking alcoholic beverages. And he is not about to give up without a fight.

Russell is pleasantly surprised to see first-hand what a good father Cliff is.

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It seems when he was a boy, he sat on his pet finch, Charlie. When Theo accidentally catches a corpse while fishing with Cliff, the Huxtables discover how media attention can affect the family. Meanwhile, Denise is not fazed in the least by her firing from the record company.

Baby book in hand, the over-anxious couple prepares for any contingency.

When Cliff temporarily confines the twins