Hooked On Phonics For Adults

Hooked on Phonics

Adult Reading Program

Adult Reading Program

And we all love the Big Pig song! About the Author Mother of three and graduate of the London Metropolitan University, Julie Vickers is an early years teacher and writer who also loves to craft and create! Depending upon what you already know, will determine how long each section will take. You will now be able to pronounce new and more difficult words.

The goal of our program is to help a person read a word they never have seen in print. My husband bought this program for me on my birthday just before Christmas.

Things You Will Need Online or software phonics program for adults. Performance updates to increase download speeds, and gameplay. The new version has many more layers to it. Mother of three and graduate of the London Metropolitan University, Julie Vickers is an early years teacher and writer who also loves to craft and create! All of the instructions, all of the information, all of the drills necessary for a student to master the reading and spelling process are presented in a tightly-structured format.

There are tests at the end of each section. Click or tap a question below to read each answer. Awesome app for summer bridge.

Hooked on Phonics

Learn a new concept by watching fun, interactive videos. As far as we know, everyone seems to enjoy the pictures! Grammar Program More Info. When you are having less difficulty pronouncing words, your reading speed and comprehension will improve.

Download Hooked on Phonics today. On which device can Hooked on Phonics apps and eBooks be used? The Hooked on Phonics system fully synchronizes with your computer, tablet or phone, making it usable anywhere, antivirus for windows mobile phones on any device with or without an internet connection.


Study in the comfort of your home! All Levels of Reading in One Program! He went through it so fast and was so excited.

Each section has instant answers. The best part is that it really works! All trademarks are property of SightPhonics. No driving or finding other alternate forms of transportation to attend class is required. He struggled for so long and resisted learning out of fear for a long time.

Have fun as you put together the words you were not able to read. You now have learned all the phonics you will ever need to know! Phonics is a method of teaching reading skills that focuses on units of sound phonemes and their correspondence with written letters graphemes.

Adult Phonics Reading grammar and Spelling Program

Hooked on phonics adults

Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Your Questions Answered Click or tap a question below to read each answer. Learn to Read from the starfall. Access our lessons on your smartphone or tablet.

Students proceed one-lesson-at-a-time through all online lessons and complete the over worksheets embedded within our online curriculum. Everything in our program is done as simply as possible. Students watch a video introducing each lesson, then listen to the audio file in each lesson that corresponds to the text. How to Learn Phonics for Adults. No other skill is required to be able to proceed through our online lessons.

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We learn faster with pictures! Starfall Education Foundation. Dyslexics Testimonies Order Contact Us.

Pick the sections you need to learn! Each lesson concludes with a story specially written with the words just learned. Now, you can remember a difficult sound with a picture! SightPhonics includes stories, words and sentences for practice.


How to Find a Word Spelling in a Dictionary. Learn phonics through a systematic program to develop reading fluency.

Practice new sound combinations with puzzles, games and letter blends. The Complete Kit most popular.

How to Teach Phonics to Adults. For adults to learn phonics effectively, they need to use a phonics scheme that is adult-centred, systematic and accurate. Sight Phonics is also the only adult reading program that teaches adults the fundamentals of how to read at home in an effort to greatly improve their reading skills and reading fluency. Excellent app for beginning readers. Recognizing words is one of the most critical factors of early reading and later success.

Even teachers who buy our program are amazed when they discover something they did not know. Our online phonics program combines audio, video and text in online lessons.