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From the rearview mirror I

He threw me on the bed and told me that I was about to get the best fuck of my life.

When he kissed me I let out a moan that was from someplace inside of me that I have never experienced pleasure before.

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He got off me and sat down on the bed. So that made us more comfortable. From the rearview mirror, I could see both of them.

She slipped the mask on and laid back on the bed. You could tell she wanted him, but she still had that shy look on her face.

We got out of the elevator and went in the house.

Again, the gentlemen stammered their agreement and stood as Tanya left the room.

She slipped the mask on

Eventually, both of them got close and they told her they were about to cum. So my wife surprised me on our last visit. He told me to raise my hands and he whipped my nightie up over my head in one swift movement, and there I was - naked and feeling very flushed and excited.

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The last thing, of course, was choosing her attire for the evening. As soon as they got in the back seat, his hands were all over her tits.