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Descending brass to sting held note. Solo clarinet - introspective, poignant Robert Cobert. Theme From The Deer Hunter.

Similar, but slower, useable for dark tension Robert Cobert. Poignant string tremolo, clarinet on top.

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Neutral curtain, time piece. Old folks, poignant, stringy, slight romantic tension Robert Cobert. Drum to sting - to poignant - to drum roll. Mystery, pattern ends with sting good suspense.

Nervous waiting - tremolo strings Robert Cobert. Poignant clarinet with sort of high strings Robert Cobert. Four notes up to strings tremolo.

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Short sting Robert Cobert. Tremolo, woodwinds over spooky Robert Cobert.

In The Shadow Mp3 Download kbps - mp3skullThe Shadows Apache Mp3 MB

Sting staccato held note Robert Cobert. Ominous solo timpani Robert Cobert.

Sting, vibrating strings, in and out, cyberlink powerdvd se for windows vista suspense. Dramatic curtain - builds to crescendo Robert Cobert. Poignant bridge or curtain Robert Cobert. Cello run to sustained note - curtain Robert Cobert.

Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. Low drums - heartbeat pattern.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Very spooky tense, situations nervous, circular repetitive. High pitched eerie Theremin. Strings intro to woodwinds - curtain Robert Cobert. Romantic, sweet Robert Cobert.

Mystery, ascending pyramid to chords Robert Cobert. Stringy, poignant, wall to wall Robert Cobert.

Tension drums to clarinet - bridge. Shorter version Robert Cobert. Poignant woodwind bridge with repeats.

Brass action curtain Robert Cobert. Drums build to fast moving curtain Robert Cobert. Dissonant wall to wall, neutral Robert Cobert. Circular, fear, tremolo curtain. Circular, fear, tremolo curtain Robert Cobert.

Pyramid tremolo, quiet echo. Wall to wall neutral - happy in feeling Robert Cobert. Vicki's theme - poignant wall to wall woodwinds.

Shadows - God Only Knows unissued re-mixed and modified version. Got more The Shadows tracks? Manage your subscriptions E-mail me when there are new releases by The Shadows.

Curtain - dreamy to build. Theremin wail Robert Cobert. Repeat strings - neutral - curtain Robert Cobert. Very spooky tense, situations nervous, circular repetitive Robert Cobert.

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The Rasmus In The Shadows mp3 downloadShadows mp3 download (387 tracks)

Happy curtain Robert Cobert. Theme from the Deerhunter. Descending poignant wall to wall neutral.