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They are always put to test by their lives. Kokila, however, never listens to her and marches to the beat of her own drums. Pratigya and Arushi consider themselves lucky to be born into this family. The story is about Kasturi Chawla, who hails from a well to do middle class family. As destiny would have it, Navya starts loving Anant, a boy from a conventional and conformist family.

He had no tensions in her life and she just enjoyed her life. She is then sent to job in a rich family as a servant and later she finds out that the owner of the house is her father. But, she had to undergo many tragedies when she understood the value of relationships.

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The serial was first aired in the year on star plus. The serial has already ended and no repeats are currently scheduled. With nice story, index software excellent background music and awesome songs sung by singers like Kailash Kher the serial has got a good response.

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He also has elder brother, who is married. They settle into a middle class and traditional family in Rishikesh after losing their parents under strict discipline and strong values, which is undeniably a sharp contrast to their lives earlier. About the show- Once upon a time a woman by name of Rani Devi gained the blessings of a holy sage because of her acts of charity and kindness. The story centres round Jeevika and Maanvi who shared a unique bond comprising exceptional love and care for each other. The Saxena family, however, is different.

Gopi has no ambitions and is uneducated. Satyamev Jayate program is already a huge hit among audiences in India. Along with that they have done some marvelous job while making dialogs and story line. Chandini dreams of going to Bombay.

They are a close knit family. She is very identifiable with the infancy of India. Unlike Kokilaben, Hetal is a simple woman who tries to keep the family together. He was possessive and wanted to give his best. The episode integrated the collusion of doctors, families and a strange social structure that motivates the craving for a baby boy.

Because of the story flow of this ladli story, it managed to reach to this destination in a very short time with compare to other tele-dramas telecasted in a similar capacity. Also the director and all the technical team has taken some special efforts to keep the story much realistic than making a fiction.

The drama has grabbed plenty of Awards and the actor who plays the role of Ram in this was awarded as Most Promising Talent of Tomorrow Award. She firmly stands for what she genuinely believes and never allows her inculcated values to go away. It is the law of the universe that balance changes when something new comes in touch with something old and set in its way.

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi is a well-known Indian television daily show which has attained good recognition due to its strong characters and good story line. The story opens up by showing a rich family which believes in Indian tradition. Through this attempt the creative team has successfully portrayed the fate of the rural Indian women who still suffer in the name of power and greed. Tv stars are given awards according to their perfomance and role in Serial.

It was a story of two twin sisters named Ambar and Dhara who were joined to each other by Body. The fairy helps Fruty in day to day challenges and saves her father from being cheated by another woman who wants to marry him due to his property and riches. Men openly dominate the house, college and society and nobody complains about it.

India Calling has a title song which was aired together with the show. Due to huge success it has been translated and is now being aired in Afghan. Navya is a year old college student and a normal girl-next-door, who is actually confused about her existence. Her only dream is to have a loving husband and in-laws.

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Aham is a workaholic and will let nothing come in his way to success. Ambar was a famous singer and Dhara was a famous student. But, in spite of that he had to see many tragedies and at last his own brother was against him. The sage granted her with a boon of magical powers, which would be handed down to each daughter in the generations coming up.

Gopi's life is ruled by her Mami Urmilaben and her street smart cousin, Rashi, who undermine her and treat her like a servant. Her friends take pleasure in adequate freedom and one of them has a boyfriend. They faced many difficulties in their life as they lead a unique life. The show provided insight into all the challenges that women will have to face when she is married to a rich class family.

Monday 12 August 2013

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The show has been well received by many house wives due to its timing. She craves the same love, and hopes to win it from the family she is married into.

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Sanyukta Majumdar is the progressive matriarch who not only fulfilled her duties of a wife, mother and saas like an ideal housewife, she did so happily. Sooraj and Sandhya get married under strained circumstances. In this story, however, two people fall in love who have come together for all the wrong reasons. It is repeated from time to time on other Star Channel like Star Utsav also. Arnav and Khushi have completely contradictory ideologies.

The figure is really shocking without any doubt. The show used to tell the story of the married couple of Sumit and Kumkum Wadhwa, but in an earlier episode, Kumkum was shot, and in that Sumit killed himself. Like every girl if this age, she also dreamt of some charming and handsome prince would come and take her to his kingdom. But his father was against this profession. They were reborn, with Sumit being very shy and living with a big family in Delhi and Kumkum being born as a fun-loving prankster with her family in a village.

The music, the songs in, and the title song of Na Aana is Des Laado has also led to popularity of this show. Sooraj runs a famous sweet shop near his house. In spite of this, they both were dearest to each other. The story is also about Sooraj, who is a self made man.

They grow up stifling many demands which they openly made earlier and had to encounter many challenging and interesting situations to fit into a traditional mould. It showcases the most outstanding talent across singing reality shows in the past few years.