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Lister Petter Engine Information Database

The engines were single-cylinder and air-cooled. This gave rigidity and stability, even after long wear.

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Lister auto truck dating

The Purchaser is advised to effect in respect of all such risks arising thereafter any insurance it may consider necessary. As the original chassis was now more than a pattern due to rust the obvious fix took place. United Kingdom Shipping We are making things easier for you, auction specific shipping information coming soon. This gave better access for greasing and adjusting the rollers.

As for other Listers, the spares availability is still good, encouraging their easy restoration. The same engine and cover was used, with chain drives to the axles from a Lister-built gearbox with two speeds in each direction. To improve visibility of moving vehicles in noisy factories, this panel was often painted white, games online dating simulation the rest of the vehicle being Lister's usual brunswick green. Lister customers saw them and there was such interest in wanting to buy them that Lister negotiated with Auto Mower to build them under licence.

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Several tyre and suspension spring options remained in production throughout its history. For the avoidance of doubt, any monies arising from such disposal s will be paid to and retained by the auctioneers. The original certificate must be left with the Auctioneers. All Lots must be checked out by the security. Buyers wishing to pay by direct bank transfer should make arrangements for payment on the day to the following account.

In all Auto-Truck production was transferred to the Crompton works at Tredegar. Soon after this, Crompton produced a battery-powered electric version of the Auto-Truck.

With suitable gearing, even a small engine could pull a usefully heavy load on rails, although with limited speed. The bearing ring was moved above the chassis members and no longer enclosed.

Another variation shortened the body and the truck was used for towing trailers. By the mid s, all production was diesel engined. The driver was seated on a Brooks bicycle saddle, which in recognition of the lack of vehicle suspension, was carried on the end of a cantilevered bar that acted as a leaf spring.

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Purchasers should satisfy themselves prior to sale of the Lot as to the condition of each Lot and should exercise and rely on their own judgement as to whether the Lot accords with its description. All lots entered for sale inside must be cleared without exception on the Day of Sale. Provide a letter from your Bank stating the amount up to which your cheque will be honoured. Controls included a hand throttle, a gear lever with two forward and one reverse gears, and a large handbrake lever. This allowed the use of small solid-tyred wheels with only simple suspension, making the vehicle simple, cheap and lightweight.

Lister Auto-Truck

What day would I have to leave to get there on the Autotruck? Road performance of the Auto-Truck was improved by fitting larger rear wheels with pneumatic tyres.