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Experience an intimate view of Comedy Central's Creator's room as the team offers their real-time hilarious and satirical takes on what is trending in pop culture daily news through a comedic lens. Paramount Television develops, dna dating sim cheats pc finances and produces original programming for television and digital platforms. Viacom renewed its partnership with Snap Inc.

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The character art leverages the existing art style from JoJo's popular iMessage stickers. They will be writing, producing and starring in a daily reactive series and a weekly-scripted series with both living across Comedy Central's social platforms, most prominently Facebook and YouTube.

From meeting the competitors to crowning the champion, we'll follow the action and excitement of this multi-week competition. In this original, daily, pop-culture themed show, the five creators discuss the day's trending topics from their own various points of view, through a comedic lens. The series dives deep into the latest beauty, fitness and lifestyle trends that are blowing up newsfeeds. These creators all have audience-facing personalities with strong, authentic points of view.

The rundown-style show delivers the African American perspective on pop culture including breaking music, entertainment, sports news stories and trending topics being discussed on Twitter. Influencers and talent recreate classic music videos. In each minute animated short, JoJo tells a brand-new story that comically reveals how BowBow is way more than just a furry bestie. Six episodes are being made at Nickelodeon's Entertainment Lab in the network's Burbank headquarters. Two hosts determine what's actually fabulous and what's just a passing fad.

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Busting an Organized Shoplifting Ring

Paramount Pictures is a major global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment. Her authentic presentation and hilarious sensibility on a culturally relevant experience and perspective will resonate with fans. These videos reimagine the tutorial format with stunning visuals and shareable videos that showcase the latest trends and offer a wide array of beauty-influencer talent. Expanding the Cribs franchise with everyone's favorite Jersey girl as she brings a whole new flavor to the kitchen.

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Viacom's media networks, including Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. The presentation also featured new global deals with Snap Inc.