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Microbiological laboratory hazard of bearded men dating, find a copy in the library

Find a copy in the library

They became the guinea pigs for part of the experiment. That's unless, of course, the moustache-bearer works in close quarters with microbes, as Manuel Barbeito did during his time in the lab.

They let the bacteria fester in their beards for a while, then they lathered, rinsed but didn't repeat. Manuel and a few friends decided to see if facial hair was a good vector for infectious bacteria.

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The risk factor is relatively low if you are good at grooming your moustache regularly. Strong potential They spent more than two months growing big, thick, glossy beards, abrir archivos bak online dating and then sprayed them with non-infectious bacteria.

Movember moustaches may hold hazards

Because your moustache is in between your nose and your mouth, there is heavy traffic in potential contaminants. It turns out that upper-lip scruff could be full of infectious bacteria, and scientists have shown that no amount of scrubbing will keep it perfectly out of trouble. Army's health and safety labs at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Md. Afterward, they swabbed their beards to see what bugs stuck around.

But nobody had thought to pay much attention to the growing number of moustaches and beards among male researchers. For most men, the advice is simply keep it clean.

If you do, odds are you won't have to worry about microbes in your moustache, and you'll be a Movember fundraising success.