My new vibrating fleshlight made me cum so quick

One of my previous boy

It makes you cum really quick.

If anything I think the Fleshlight would help you sex life. No, they do not feel the same as being in a real vagina. One of my previous boy friends had one of these, good fun but not as good as my hot mouth sucking his cock, Always got him really hard and I love it when a guy comes in my mouth.

Sometimes I just fall asleep and wake up inside it only to flood the chamber all over again.

But like I said I think your sex life will be fine. Love seeing a guy lose control like that. Others may have different experience, though.

He wants to get a toy for when I'm not there. Personally, it has helped me learn to edge, control my orgasms better, become harder and last longer. They are great, but real pussy will always be better.

Any thoughts or suggestionsIf every sessionNo they do not feelIf anything I think the FleshlightHelp Contact Us Go toIch muss mir unbedingt wieder mal

If every session has to take a while for him to cum then that would take away some of our fun and some of the excitement I get.

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Help Contact Us Go to top. Ich muss mir unbedingt wieder mal ein Fleshlight kaufen.