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Text and textual apparatus

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The revision of the remaining texts was confined to a thorough inspection and rearrangement of the apparatus, while the basic structure was left untouched. Originality is accorded the version which can best explain the origin of all other versions. It is not equivalent to the Textus Receptus. The texts reconstructed by this means are compared and discrepancies variants determined.

The individual manuscripts are deciphered. Research into the textual history of the New Testament sets out to reconstruct with scholarly care the original text of the scriptures the so-called urtext. The variants are analyzed. The two most widely used scholarly editions of the Greek New Testament have thus since shared the same biblical text and differ merely in terms of their apparatuses, introductions, and appendices. Of course, the Byzantine tradition sometimes divides.

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This edition had to accomplish two different tasks. With its extensive, differentiated apparatus, above all the Novum Testamentum Graece by Nestle-Aland enables its readers to reach their own judgments in matters of New Testament textual research. In this revision, the text-critical apparatus in particular was once more extensively modified with a view to enhanced reliability and reader-friendliness.

This edition introduced a separate critical apparatus and finally introduced consistency to the majority reading principle. In later editions, Nestle began noting the attestation of certain important manuscripts in his apparatus. In these editions, the version deemed original appears in the main body of text. With the intent to make this book more user-friendly, the editors also revised the introductions and provided more explanations in English. It puts its readers in a position to make their own judgments in matters of New Testament textual research.

In this case, the Nestle apparatus cites all witnesses explicitly, and marks the divided portions of the Byzantine text pm. At Erwin Nestle's request, he reviewed and expanded the critical apparatus, adding many more manuscripts. Wherever one of these versions differed from the other two, Nestle adopted the reading given in the two identical versions and supplied a note in the apparatus showing the divergent reading. As a consequence of these alterations, which so far concern only the Catholic Letters, popular free online dating sites the Nestle-Aland has for the first time in its history a different presentation for different parts of the text.

One brief example must serve to explain this. Secondly, the text-critical in-sights and decisions resulting from work on the Editio Critica Maior of the Greek New Testament had to be incorporated. It corresponds roughly with Von Soden's K.

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In the Nestle-Aland text, however, has an additional use beyond the equivalent in the other texts. Another important innovation is that from now on the Nestle-Aland will not appear only as a printed book, but also in digital form. Used by scholars, pastors, students and translators, the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece is the standard and globally preeminent critical edition of the Greek New Testament. Kurt Aland co-editor since was the first to verify the information in the text and critical apparatus against the originals themselves.

The findings of this work are integrated into the scholarly editions of the New Testament. First, the apparatus had to be revised thoroughly to give it more clarity and make it easier to use.

However, Nestle did not consult the manuscripts directly, but continued to compile his information on their readings from other scholarly editions. The Catholic Letters were revised according to a fundamentally new concept which in the long run will be adopted for the entire edition. By using the critical apparatus in these editions, the reader is in a position to understand the decisions of the editors and to form his or her own opinion. In this section will often be divided into K the main Koine text and A the Andreas text. Since the majority of old manuscripts in existence are minuscules, they are often referred to as the Majority Text.

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