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Weather Defender - Weather software live weather radar for your desktop

We've added far too much value to the product since to keep the one-time-buy perpetual license option. Weather Forecast search results.

Image processing and image smoothing - provides a better radar presentation. Works anywhere you have an internet connection - great for Storm Chasing Tours. Weather Tracking Weather Defender provides weather tracking information, including live weather satellite, live weather Doppler and local weather radar to notify you in the event of severe weather.

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No more waiting to collect additional images. Latitude and Longitude position reporting with a single mouse click! Pop-up storm alerts with or without audio alert, customizable. Weather Alarm Frost Alarm Gardening.

Weather Hazards including Watches Advisories and Warnings are provided for your location. The latest currency information, total uninstaller full version weather forecast s and exact time are seamlessly integrated for you! And watch the weather forecast out the window.

You watch the weather like out your window. Fully automated and unattended operation.

Please take the time to browse our website to learn more about our storm tracking software. My software You have not saved any software. The alert perimeters of our weather software can be customized for your storm tracking needs, including your specific location and the type of weather tracking that you need.

12/13/2015 Our nuclear response

It now works with single stepped images in the loop to analyze older images. Weather Monitor is a lightweight and non-obtrusive program that can help you see the current and future weather conditions in your city. Model data, Mesoanalysis data, and way more. Weather Mate is a weather forecast and conditions access tool. Distance Measuring Tool- measure how far away storms are from you!

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However, the commitment to unbeatable value stands. No subscriptions required! Our current weather conditions and weather forecast s are provided by Accu weather. Alert Sensitivity and Threshold controls.

Placefile and Shapefile data importation. Old, sluggish WeatherStudio has been blown out of the water. SterJo Weather Forecast is a simple and free app that shows the most current weather conditions.

Plus you can create your own markers or icons for on-screen plotting. Send Radar Images to Cell Phones! Easy and intuitive operation, Hotkeys for faster operation, plus a built in Help Reference. Background or Foreground Operation, plus compact operational modes.

Auto radar image refresh and update, short and long range, plus base and composite modes. Weather Defender is a software program that tracks weather in real-time with street-level accuracy.

Weather Defender - Weather software live weather radar for your desktop

Auto radar image history download, gets image loop automatically, no waiting! It can connect you to thousands of weather stations from all across the world. Auto radar sweep beam with variable color, width, and speed. How is the weather impacting you? In general Weather Icons Set contains icons.

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Spot the weather intruders while there's still time with our software's innovative Alert Perimeter technology. Save radar loops to disk, load them again for history playback of severe weather. You will find this capability nowhere else.

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Stunning user interface with custom skins and buttons. Full-screen mode shows radar images in static, rotating beam, or loop mode without the user interface. The new industry standard. Performance wise, it blows away the competitor. Features - Weather Forecast for cities provided by Accu Weather.

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You'll be shocked by the speed. Rectangular Windows Style. Mini-Mode provides updated display in small format on your desktop. Instantly selectable user interfaces- Traditional round radar scope or Windows rectangular style. Welcome to Weather Outside.