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Digital download promotional single. Lo sings of her man, who is not around the club but whose presence is sparkling on her finger. The video continues with Lopez holding her Blackberry Bold and chatting with her apartment mail attendant Lisa. And secondly, show people how extremely desirable she is by having hundreds of men literally fling themselves off buildings and crash through breakaway glass to win her affections. Most Brazen Product Placement Ever?

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Video for Papi Chulo by Lorna. Not to be confused with I Luh Ya Papi.

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Papi Papi Papi Chulo songs is presented for preview, mobile ables use ring back tone to support them. They proceed to dance around her in a complex display of choreography before lifting her from the ground. She was criticized for using the Fiat as part of her performance. Bulgarian Association of the Music Producers.

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Lisa then hands over the mail and offers her a cookie which she claims will bring her man back to her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The mob eventually outmaneuvers and corners Lopez, forcing her from the car. The plot of the video involves Jennifer Lopez eating a mysterious love cookie, and the next morning a mob of men go crazy for her, chasing her all over the city.

El Porcino Organic-Song for Papi. Download Lorna - Papi Chulo.

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Her lover then emerges from a bus and rescues her and the crowd quickly dissipates, leaving the pair to drive away in Lopez's car. Problems playing this file? Polish Music Charts in Polish.

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