Yoga Pants Pee Desperation

Peeing My Pants By My Car

This must be a more or less common problem due to the enormous amounts of traffic jams every day. While we drive my girlfriend tries to hold in the piss. Sometime you gotta go, and well, you gotta go. The driver wasn't going to pull over and she knew how bad she had to piss. Pee in my panties and yoga pants - Sister stucked in basement desperation.

In Hong Kong, traffic jam is common. As a result the only place outside the home that I will wear them is in the car.

And just between us

They know what they're doing, and she is really desperate. It was the prefect place to change because it had a lot of room and large recepticals for diapers and related items. Fortunately, I had some trash bags to sit on.

And just between us, if I didn't wet myself then, it probably would've happened later on in the ride, as we hit gridlock after getting off the expressway. All the time, just one of the perks of wearing diapers. And do you all think that people wear diapers for this reason. There are those that can't handle car rides because it makes them want to pee all the time.

It was the prefect placeFortunately I had some trash bagsAnd do you all think thatThere are those that can't handleAll the time justThey know what they're doing and