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Actually, it has no special features whatsoever that could make me recommend it. FastStone looks nicer than Irfan, and it has excellent menu displays if you move the cirsor to the edge of a full-screen image. Too many drawbacks for a good user experience. This tool comes up with lots of useful functions and the most important of all.

Maybe your favorite program has already been discarded here, but feel free to submit any product you think might deserve a try. No thumbnails or image lists are provided within the program and that means a limited navigation experience. It displays pictures nearly instantaneously, no matter the image size, without needing lots of processing power, which makes it perfect for use in low-end computers. My old computer no longer works, so I have bought a new laptop.

In addition, you can share your videos through the internet. It also gives you the chance to easily control all the saved images in your device. When you first open the program you're presented with a prompt to select a folder with images and then with a bloated interface which I wouldn't call nice at first sight.

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Best Free Digital Image Viewer

There are different ways you can select for your images or videos to be displayed, like Calendar View, Index View or Map View. Note that file size in bytes as well as image dimensions in pixels all have an influence on speed, and hardware is another important factor.

It's not bundled with any other software. The batch processing options could be better implemented. Cons It is quite simple for some advanced users. So it looked to me as an intermittent appearance based on whatever marketing reasons. Most of these products are also given detailed individual entries and include links to their websites.

Best Free Digital Image ViewerGizmo s Freeware

This way, this multimedia manager is helpful for users that have a great number of pictures and want to add tags in order to correctly organize the images. Digital photography has become so widely available that most pictures these days will linger in a memory drive and will never be printed, because we can visualize them on screens. The most common image formats are supported, along with video, audio and several document formats with text and pictures, and they can be sorted in many different ways. It could be useful as a tool for some media files, criss angel book but not for photos because the navigation is not user-friendly.

One day the program didn't appear in the free list anymore, but a few months later it was offered there again. Pros You can easily organize all of your media collection It includes some useful editing tool. This software category is maintained by volunteer editor Marc Darkin. But the problem is that Imagina's development has been discontinued.

It's fast enough and very user-friendly. Another personal inconvenience is that the Esc key always closes the program. LastPass Not Working in Firefox? LiteSpeed Web Server Network tools. Workspace - Places for Free Books Online.

It has a pleasant interface and a small set of intuitive controls for navigation. You simply have to click the World button and select a platform in which you want to upload it.

You can edit your videos and even extract frames and make it as a permanent picture. They don't seem to host copies of the program and all their links still lead to the same one I had here. CloudClip Manager Clipboard Tools. It's just a simple image viewer! Pros You can burn Images from the thumbnail screen You can easily create high-definition disc.

Most functions are accessed via right-click menu or keyboard shortcuts, and you can configure up to seven hotkeys to your liking. Notify me of replies from other users. Some of these programs support video viewing, either by using their own player or your system's default player.

As far as I know, those older versions can be free. Both programs load very quickly, but don't have any features to speak of. File sorting is very basic. Image files can also be rotated, resized and cropped, and this can be done in a batch. It was still functional at that time.

Best Free Digital Image Viewer

Simplicity and speed are also key features in a very nice program called Nexus Image. Since it is an outstanding app, I'll keep it here for a while linking to the alternative download from Softpedia.

Usage notes

It takes a long time to load the subfolders and if you have large drives with lots of them, it frequently crashes after a while. These are Vjpeg and Osiva. Finally, one of our site users, Mythril, suggested two programs which work with a very different approach, but with a special focus on speed. But their approaches are very different from each other. You can customize it a bit by closing some panels, dragging their borders, changing thumbnail positions, etc.

There are a few basic sorting options available and a slideshow mode. Moreover, the program is rather slow moving between folders. But I guess most users could perfectly do without those.

But the problem is, having lots of images in our devices are very hard to organize. Nice interface, very customizable, very fast, lots of features, good editor, full Unicode support.

This version of the software is also compatible with different video formats and allows exporting or uploading them to different video pages or just to save them into a disc. Yes, they used to give away older versions for free, or used to give away products on giveaway sites by promotional codes. It does support full color space awareness, though, and the unbeatable speed is a very strong argument in its favor. Hopefully, they will release bit version soon too.

Though it is quite old and others seem to do the job better, it has managed to prevail overwhelmingly, both online and in digicams. Although their names look nearly identical, Imagina has nothing to do with Imagine, reviewed above. There's a lack of elements such as arrow icons or mouse commands which would greatly improve browsing ease and speed. Please skip anything I'll post here in the future. It has the interesting idea of that magnified area, like a loupe, but sometimes it looks just intrusive.

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