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Mandhiyappan had attempted to avenge himself on Thamarai for rejecting his hand in marriage. This article is about the Tamil epic poem.

Ponnar Shankar

The film ran into production trouble in mid and was close to being shelved, with sources reporting that Thiagarajan sold the film to Santiago Martin to revive the project. The soundtrack album consists of six tracks, with four of them sung by Shreya Ghoshal.

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Impressed with Ponnar and Shankar's valour, Chinna Malaikozhundhu agrees to marry off his daughters to them. Muthuraj was selected as the art director for the film and Shaji Kumar as cinematographer while Prashanth took care of visual effects. The story is considered the unwritten epic of Gounder community.

Ponnar Shankar (film)

Ponnar Shankar

History of Tamil Nadu Tamil poetry. Their efforts over a period of time pays off making the country prosperous. Although praised for its cinematography and art direction, it was criticised for having a weak plot and character deficiencies. Also, in the film the title characters were not shown committing suicide as in Sakthikanal and Karunanidhi's version, but rather were depicted emerging victorious from the war alive.

It is a fictionalised account of the Ponnar Shankar epic, adapted from M. The petition was dismissed, given that Article can only be used by a court on a body that falls within its jurisdiction. Karunanidhi with the intention of making a film on his adaptation of the Ponnar Shankar epic that he had written in the late s. Grieving the loss of his brother, Ponnar entered the battlefield, killing Kali Mannan, before proceeding to kill himself. Kolaththa Gounder and his wife Pavalaththal decide to leave their country Perungudi because of atrocities of his unjust brothers.

He further stated that Ponnar and Shankar remained celibate throughout their lives while in the movie they were shown romancing with immodestly dressed women. Ponnar and Shankar are valorous and compassionate to the sufferings of the poor. For other uses, see Ponnar Shankar. They married only to avenge the ill treatment meted out to their mother and promptly sent their newly wed wives to prison denying coital relations with them, how to games on psp 3000 he added.

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Ponnar Shankar Release poster. Thamarai rejects the arranged marriage, angering Mandhiyappan. The granted as gift was called Konad. Kolaththa Gounder finds a solution that is agreeable to all the three kings and resolves the disputes fairly. The tale tells the story of two brothers, known as Ponnar also known as Periya Annan and Shankar also known as Chinna Annan, revered as the Annanmar Swami.

One India Entertainment in Tamil. The producers initially listed Sathyaraj in its cast, later replaced by Prabhu. The film had also begun to surpass its budget, due to the casual nature of shooting and difficulties in creating historical sets.

He went to a Chettiyar Merchant home, this chettiyar was a merchant selling rice bran. Periyamalaikozhundhu disowns his daughter for choosing Nellaiyankondan and banishes them from his kingdom. He tricks Kali Mannan Napoleon and Thamarai's father into helping him. Impressed with this skills and solution Chola King gifts him the lordship to sizeable territory which back in the day could be akin to a size of a small country. Ponnar Shankar is a Indian epic historical drama film produced and directed by Thiagarajan.

Download Ponnar Shankar 2011 Tamil movie mp3 songs


The eldest brother, as a Karaalan, gave refuge to his eleven brothers within the borders of his country Valanadu Konad. They go to Mathukkarai to Goddess Sellandiya amman temple. He learns that the twins are still alive and hatches a conspiracy to kill them. The film received a mixed reception from critics. The displeasure shown by the crew threatened to disrupt the filming process.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The film was later dubbed and released as Prashanth Veer in Hindi and then as Rajakota Rahasyam in Telugu in and respectively.

Ponnar Shankar Tamil mp3 songs downloadPonnar Shankar (film)

The soundtrack for the film was composed by Ilaiyaraaja. The brothers were then brought to life by their sister Arukaani with help from the Goddess Periyakandiamman.

The girls are later revealed to be daughters of Chinna Malaikozhundhu. This period saw the rise and fall of many kingdoms, some of which were empires that exerted influence far and wide. The Ponnar-Sankar story starts from their grandfathers. The film's producers encountered difficulties in making prompt payments to its crew that consisted of more than members during the filming in the forests of Pollachi.