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You should always attempt to work out the value, then check your result against a resistor value chart to see if it's listed there. How to read color codes from resistors. Standard Resistor Values and Color Components and wires are coded with colors to identify their value and function. Our color code calculator runs this check automatically for you, and if the result is not a standard value, resistor color code converter it will display a small tip.

The physical size of a resistor is indicative of the power it can dissipate. Overheating of a component or dirt accumulation may make it impossible to distinguish brown from red or orange. What are resistor color codes used for?

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The tolerance band is sometime more spaced than the previous ones. The last one fourth, sometimes fifth indicates the tolerance or precision of the calculated value. Getting into electronics and can't remember the resistor color codes?

How to Decode Resistor Color Code

There are also some capacitors that are color coded. This calculator has not this option. The program was tested rigorously, but it still may have a few bugs. In order to prevent metal and other particles from getting in the coating of high voltage resistors, the gold and silver bands are often replaced with a yellow and gray band. This can be done by selecting the resistor parameters.

List of electronic color code mnemonics. Mnemonics were created to easily memorize the sequence of the colors. Intermediate-frequency tuned transformers were coded blue and red for the primary and green and black for the secondary. Load Value to Color Converter is an additional feature of this resistor color code calculator.

Resistor Color Codes

How to read the value of the multiplicator band? Configuration requirements and debug. Some of the stuff, though, is esoteric as hell. Components and Circuits for Measuring Current and Voltage Learn about devices and techniques used for in-circuit monitoring of currents and voltages. This packaging allows the zero-ohm resistor to be placed on the circuit board using the same equipment typically used to place other resistors.

On the other hand, value to color conversion lets you make a color-coded resistor by entering a resistance value. It is usually, but not always, possible to work out what scheme is used by the particular colors used. The two first band or the three first indicate a digit each a digit correspond to a color.


When resistors are produced in accordance to military specifications, they will often include a band that indicates reliability. In order to select the colors in a color band, different color strips are provided. Red-jacketed cable is also used for relatively low-voltage fire alarm wiring, but has a much different appearance. Simply add color to all the bands in a resistor and get your answer. Besides this, on hovering the mouse cursor, it also displays the value of that color as per resistor color code.

Advances in printing technology have now made printed numbers more practical on small components. For each color strip, different color codes are provided to select from. Or, let them displayed automatically by selecting the Auto mode. How to know the reading direction for colors of a resistor? What are mnemonics tricks to remember colors?

Some include tolerance bands Gold, Silver or None. After filling color in all the bands of a resistor, click on Calculate button to calculate its resistance value.

Color codes Electrical components Electronic engineering Resistive components Mnemonics. So that you can add tolerance to the resistors easily, the tolerance value in percentage is indicated on each color strip. Tool to compute resistor color code.

After selecting all color bands in a resistor, you have to click on Calculate button to view the answer. This indicates how much the actual resistance value of the resistor changes when the temperature changes. By using it, you can calculate the resistance value of three, four, five, and six band resistors. It does not take much time to calculate the resistance value and displays the answer immediately as you specify colors. Electronic Industries Alliance.

Resistor color code - Electronics - BasicTables

Ohm, Kilo Ohm, and Mega Ohm. Extra bands on ceramic capacitors identify the voltage rating class and temperature coefficient characteristics. If so, please click here or click here!

Resistor Colour Code Solver is a featured resistor value calculator which offers both color code to value and value to color code conversions. Student, engineer or maker?

Select the colors of all four bands including tolerance in order to get the resistor value. In this list, you will also find some calculators which feature both value to color and color to value conversions. Such capacitors were common in vacuum tube equipment and in surplus for a generation after the war but are unavailable now. Google may also transfer this information to third parties where required to do so by law, or where such third parties process the information on Google's behalf. When you are done, click on Calculate button to get the resistor value.

This table names as well as shows the colors and the values. Resistor Color Code Information The resistor color code is a long standing standard in both the electronics and electrical industries, indicating the value of resistance of a resistor. Resistor Calculator is another free and simple calculator to decode resistor color code. Additional bands have meanings which may vary from one type to another.

Resistor color code

Color code for film resistors. Moreover, both types of conversions are possible in this software i. The values of components in surface mount packages are marked with printed alphanumeric codes instead of a color code. It provides a quick answer as you start filling the color bands. Electrical Engineering Science.

The percentage applies in plus or minus of the value. An arrow on the top row of dots pointed to the right, indicating the reading order. Two wires of each color were provided for each circuit, and phasing was not identified by the color code. Each lead had a different color since relative polarity or phase was more important for these transformers. Can you explain the problem in a different way?