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After investigation, paypal had blocked their account. We are looking for a supplier of this product. Then he cancelled the invoice and turned around asked me to send him the money instead without him resend me new invoice. If you have any other question then do contact me. My name is phill and I am a seriously agreesive buyer of all apple products.

This will the start of ongoing business. Thank you in advance and best regards By the way I am in Florida. Hey, I just wanted to ask you if you know of any other scammers out there that I need to watch out for? Hello Christian, We have the iPhones for seller right now.

Use this board to share and discuss new ideas, suggestions, or other thoughts while developing with Samsung products. Community Use this board to share and discuss new ideas, suggestions, or other thoughts while developing with Samsung products. We would purchase phones per week to start with on Apple alone, but if you have Blackberry, Samsung, of games for computer Nokia etc. Remotely test your apps on real devices.

Kind regards Christine Bontex Holdings Ltd. Kindly get back to us on amgtraders yahoo. The website claimed that he has branches in chicago and england. Apple's iPod manufacturing partner, Taiwan's Foxconn, was long rumored to be the company that assembled the hundreds of components into a sleek iPhone.

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Hi are you local in the Phoenix area? We are serious competitive business people that operate Globally. Are you real supplier or just another wanna fraudulent supplier?


Thank you for your time and listening. If you have prove, please share on this board and show people who you are, not anonymous name.

Suddenly, when I was about to send him money. Can you please advice me how I can purchase these from you and the cost of very fast shipping would be appreciated. Some bits need tidying up Please help improve this article if you can. Parties will meet and inspect the devices. All are factory sealed and unlocked.

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Then there are the unknowns, each of which plays a small but vital role. Can I order one unit like a sample for the first time? Do not hurry and fall into scammers tricks. These are nigerian scammers posing as legit businesses supplying iphones at chockingly low prices. Test your app promotions in the remote Galaxy Store.

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Please advise what you need and how many. However, I asked my partner to call him and see that if he said the same thing to different customers. Also do you give discounts for large orders?

You or your representative can come and inspect all the units. Please email us at order starmobileshop.


Have you been taking lessons from the China suppliers. Hello, I read your posting on texyt. Think about sending wiretransfers is like sendin cash in the mail. Are these iPhones genuine and sim free versions? Some of the first iPhones sold have been dismantled, and more information about components is emerging.


You can contact us back to trade. You can begin to qualfy to do business with us by responding promptly to our request. The initial order will be for a logistic test after that we will either order units a week growing to about or units a week.

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And I do not have time to response, neither interested in following what he would try to excuse next. Please send details along with your company details and prices Regards Tony. File a police report with your local law enforcement. Please reply to baps hotmail. Can you recommend any one reliable?

We are looking for all brands of phones, but must be new, unlocked. Why an imported phone is a bad idea. Pls let me know if you can help. Asia Opinion Technology Who makes the iPhone?