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Maybe you were the first to study abroad. Kudos to Stephanie Igunbor who curated an amazing lineup of game-changers.

The job market doesn't have much to offer her, so she's starting her own business while in university. They teach me that persistence pays off. It's proven to give you an edge in your career.

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They had courage to face critics. College was a big investment, and it should have a big return. This was before anyone really knew about LinkedIn. Cheese aside, these words were really true to who I am. If my college reporting on Liberia planted the seeds, then this was when everything started to sprout.

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It occurs in moments like this, when Norma presented three graduated She's the First Scholars to us with their mentors from the Starfish program. You might be a first-generation graduate. My Halloween costume circa could have also predicted my destiny. Your actions will define who you are. For one of my classes, we were able to choose a charitable organization to pretend to donate one million dollars to.

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Madeleine Magardician is magical. Social entrepreneurship and one-for-one models are now far more commonplace in business than when Mycoskie started his company a decade ago. She was crying, tears of joy.

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