Sometimes shows a cold expression

She really knows how to use a bottle

She is introduced in a story where she is hunting down a Loose Soul that she was responsible for unleashing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Nanaka tracks down Tenri andNew Hell's rebel faction wanted

Later on, Kusunoki is heading a group of students at the family dojo, and receives a visit from Hinoki, as well as Keima and Elsie. Wakaki created her in response to a comeback trend on idols from Morning Musume and The Idolmaster game. Lucas seeks advice from Alexis. Ava sets out to do damage control.

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She is surprised to find that she and Keima have the same seat at a pro wrestling event. Nanaka tracks down Tenri and challenges her to a match, but Keima intervenes and tells her to play him first.

Many students fear her, as she has no qualms about beating her students if they don't pay attention in class, although Keima does not seem to mind. New Hell's rebel faction wanted to use her to once again to wreak havoc on the Earth and Satyr desired to control her. When she sees Keima leave, she chases after him. At a society party, Keima encourages her to let go of her past and move on as her father would wish. Carly confides in Kevin then later is kept from seeing her doctor.

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At first she appears to be cheerful and loving, but after Elsie reveals she is the illegitimate daughter of her husband, Mari reveals her violent personality, having been a member of a biker gang. Wakaki originally had Sumire Uemoto be the princess who wanted to live among commoners but shelved that idea until this storyline. Even Keima acknowledged her as a genius.

Vulcan appears at the library by possessing Luna. Sonny gets word from an old friend. After some personnel changes, Nora is promoted to District Chief and serves as Elsie's superior.

They have a thorny relationship where she wants to be a chef, but her father refuses. However, both she and Keima agree that she was able to live a long and happy life, which fills the gap in her heart. After sensing that she is being targeted, Kanon confesses to Keima in the middle of the exam but Apollo takes over and makes her retreat.

Many students fear her as she