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They found the lost pendrive down the back of the sofa. Give out the cards to students in group and have them order them into correct sentences. This quizlet set on conditional key word transformations.

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Jones, what time did your husband arrive home? The pale winter sun was shining through the leaves of the trees, the birds were singing happily and the wind was whistling past. Pronunciation Notes Shall I start? Being a strong swimmer, I had no problem in the strong currents. Are you nervous or embarrassed about what other people think of you?

Cambridge exams Tim s Free English Lesson Plans

Cambridge exams Tim s Free English Lesson Plans

You can use the quizlet set to introduce the concept of compound adjectives. Listen again, this time listen for different phrases and expressions for giving opinion and agreeing and disagreeing. What are your thoughts on this? It consists of a prezi explaining the formula for constructing inversions and a writing and speaking activity based on business presentations.

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Seeing the Lion running towards me, helveticaneueltstd cn font I panicked and got back in the jeep. Barely had the Nazis got on the boat when Indy escaped on his motorbike. When they have finished they should test their partner to see what they remember. This section is revision of several advanced grammar structures that can be used in compositions with a narrative element. Expressions and Discussions lesson as it gives students the opportunity to use the expressions in context.

What advice would you give to someone who was going there for the first time? For homework after the first class I set this sheet. Are you a person who thinks they are better than other people?

Never before had I felt so alive. Task Analysis Give out student handout.

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We will look at the advanced grammar next. No sooner had I got on the board, than I fell off. Someone who thinks and responds quickly. What I enjoyed most was the safari.

Improved user capability makes managing your business easy to do from home. Tell them to draw quickly, also remind them about perspective things in the foreground appear bigger than in the background.

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However, it can be adapted for advanced students. Mind Expressions teachers notes.

Encourage students to look for more. So delicious was the dessert that we went back for seconds. Either do this on a central table where everyone can see, on the floor or have the students come and blu-tac the sentences on the board. Below are links to the prezi, the handout, the task and a model answer.

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Someone who is relaxed and casual about everything. Have students swap roles and repeat as many times as you like. Peer Teaching Now tell students they are going to teach each other some more compound adjectives.

See who can use the most expressions, keep count while your completing the task, the winner is the one who uses the most. Microsoft Office Home and Student is a suite of essential software applications that enables homes and students to accomplish tasks quicker and easier. Some users want to uninstall this application. There are hundreds of other video clips that can be used to teach these structures, let me know which other ones you find. Would you like another martini George?

Do you tend to get angry often? Cleft Sentences I liked the rollercoasters the most.