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With the draft less than a month away, teams have already begun ramping up their workout schedules. Fall is definitely on the raw side of all serious prospects, but his mobility and skill set are fairly impressive considering his size.

However, it is the Phoenix Suns that many also believe are interested in the Vanderbilt product with the sixth pick. The pick is top protected and, based on the final lottery drawing, that pick will be conveyed. It is done deliberately to make sure each writer is not influencing the others. There are notable individual talents in this class, but a large range of opinions on what order these prospects should be drafted. There are also some guys to watch in terms of stock dropping.

There are also some names projected lower in this draft that could surprise. Bowman has had some solid workouts and seems to be a name to watch as the process plays out. The other is the soft commitment, which usually means a team pledged to draft the player, assuming the draft plays out as expected. Considering this, I predict that team-fit will have a bigger influence on this draft class than previous classes, which have often featured more than a handful of top-tier prospects.

Because a team commits to a player, does not preclude a team higher up from drafting that player, they may not get the chance to work that player out. The draft is very unpredictable, and if a team is sold on a specific player, locking them in allows them to focus on other things in the transaction window. Finally, the big news pun intended out of the combine was Tacko Fall. His wingspan is impressive, and we know he can stroke. With the Lottery and Combine behind us, there is a bit more consistency in most mock draft boards.

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Hayes looks like the best of the group and more likely to come off the board first. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The luxury of having two lottery picks is being able to take risks.

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New York is reportedly interested in moving Frank Ntilikina as well. Now his position as a first-round draft pick may be in question. Barrett as the second best player in the draft and list him as likely to be drafted second overall. Here are the first-round picks that are owed and how those picks landed where they are. The most accurate salary data anywhere.

Word has it that his camp is looking for the ideal situation, and a soft promise might keep him in the draft. In a typical draft, there are usually three or four of them made per draft. Bol Bol continues to be an enigma. That may not materialize in this current draft pool, as it has in previous drafts. If teams are non-committal, he may pull out.

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Basketball Insiders

We will learn a lot more in the next few weeks. The pick is top-five protected and, based on the final lottery drawing, that pick will be conveyed.

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Franks is currently projected in the middle of the second round. Should the Davis scenario not go the way the Knicks would hope, maybe the two could work out a deal to swap picks? Their main focus is on adding marquee free agents to usher in a new era of basketball at Madison Square Garden.

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Tyler Herro represents another challenge for front offices. My favorite part of putting this together was adding two top-five worthy picks to the growing core of the Atlanta Hawks. We learned of multiple promises for players going to teams, including one about Darius Garland being rumored as the Los Angeles Lakers guy once he left the combine.

There are two kinds of commitments teams will offer a prospect, one is the hard fast promise. Based on the final standings this pick would not convey. It seems he has fans among teams holding multiple picks. International guard Henri Drell could go late in the first round or early in the second round. This usually accompanies a player shutting down workouts with other teams.

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Everything seems to be hinging on what happens with the Anthony Davis situation in New Orleans. But based on the final lottery drawing, that pick will not be conveyed. It will come down to the team selecting and not some perceived gap in skill, potential or ability. The point here is that teams will likely be giving considerable weight to how players fit on their respective rosters starting as early as the second pick in the draft.

If he sticks to his original request, Griffin will begin looking for trade partners. The Knicks would like to choose the second scenario.

The next evolution of basketball news, information and rumors. Your email address will not be published. He will need to answer a lot of questions for teams in the workout process.

First of all, it appears that some promises were made to a select few prospects including Darius Garland and Rui Hachimura. The Cleveland Cavaliers are to receive the Houston Rockets first-round pick as a result of the three-team deadline deal that sent out Brandon Knight and Marquese Chriss. There is also a risk that Reddish slips a bit on draft night, but that is a less likely scenario in my opinion. The best time of the league year is here!

The player I am keeping an eye on right now is Cam Reddish. The pick is lottery protected and, based on the final lottery drawing, asphalt 6 xperia play that pick will be conveyed. This sets a floor for them and their camp.

So be sure to stop by Basketball Insiders frequently to keep up with our mock drafts and give us your feedback on Twitter. Teams tend to make these kinds of commitments to players they like, but understand that they may go higher, but in the event the player falls, they know they have a landing spot. Another situation to monitor is the New York Knicks and the third overall pick. Fortunately for Herro, it was assumed by many that his floor is a three-point shooting specialist.

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For example, many scouts, talent evaluators and members of the media rank R. His length is a matchup nightmare for any team, as is his ability to put it on the floor and get to the line.