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Ambient lighting is often created using spotlights in the ceiling, or a series of track lights, such as shown in the room below. Thumbnail image via Tasting Table. There's also an oil rubbed bronze variety that's a good match for darker rods. The interior is understated and elegant, and no one piece would jump out and grab your attention. Murals can take many forms, from oil or tempera paintings to plaster work and terracotta or porcelain artwork.

This type of glass is often used in shutters and gives a decorative appearance that goes well with the classical look. Love the house decoration ideas you see on Houzify? Each room is decorating according to the name of the room and has a color associated with it, says Jessica Williams, Birchbox's creative director.

And then sliding the hook back on for use, to make sure you're applying enough pressure in the right spot. In the bedroom it can be used as a dressing unit. It is not meant for carrying out any specific tasks such as reading or working. Employees sit at desks in a large bullpen that runs the length of the building, next to a handful of big windows.

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Once decided, make a mark on the cardboard at the bottom of the hook with your pencil. Look for a heavy load capacity rod, which means that it's solid, non-adjustable.

There's nothing more to it. The top floor is an open co-working space for startups and tech community events.

Console A console is a small multipurpose table that can be used in different spaces and combines style with functionality. In the dining area, a console can be used as a sideboard for cutlery and table linen. We have received your request will get back to you shortly.

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Bevelled glass Bevelled glass has edges that are cut at an angle and polished, making it reflect light in very interesting patterns. Mezzanine A mezzanine is an intermediate floor between two main floors, which is in many cases low- ceilinged and overhanging the lower living space.

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Next to the bullpen are themed meeting rooms named after Foursquare's various badges. The walls resemble real-life Pinterest boards, and students pin sketches to the wall or draw on table-top dry-erase boards.

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Get the Cardboard Ready The key to hanging a curtain is to ensure the rod sits level on the supports. When placed in the foyer of a house, it is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used to hold your keys, bills, and small items. Foyer The foyer is the space that connects the entrance to other rooms in the house.

Pretty much hassle-free and definitely free of holes. Thank you for contacting HomeLane! You will also need a curtain rod.

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Piazza's favorite item is the tardis for private phone calls, which is equipped with an iPad for Skype or FaceTime calls and was created during an office Hack Day. This traditional living room cleverly interposes artefacts with the books on the shelves, and coordinates shades of orange in the cushions and flowers. Retro styles make bold and funky statements, and usually are a lot of fun! Your rod is now ready for a window treatment.

But more often than not, Chartbeaters are up and about, working with one another to solve problems and iterate. Repeat the same for the other side. When the elevator doors open, you're greeted by a receptionist at a desk that's a locker flipped on its side, with tchotchkes in various slots. Fab Image via Nina Frazier, Mashable You turn to Fab to add personality and spunk to your own life, so wouldn't you expect the Fab headquarters to be Fab'd out, too?

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Accessorize When creating the perfect home interior, you must accessorize the rooms to reflect your own personal style. For this hack here, two hooks are sufficient. Niches can be used to great advantage in an interior, and with the right lighting and background can be the highlight of the entire room. In many cases the entrance door opens directly into the living room. The space has an open foor plan that's permeated with natural light, and sofas are strewn about for small and large meetings alike.

Niche A niche is a shallow nook in a wall that can be used to house some storage, or a decorative artefact or plant. The crisp, white walls are peppered with bright colors, and cubicles rock a punchy cyan hue beneath brightly colored light fixtures. Go all the way through and actually mark the wall of the first hook. What's more, drilling holes in a wall isn't particularly easy. To do so, dating site ladies you'll be using a piece of cardboard with a right angle cut out and a pencil to mark the wall.

Chartbeat Image courtesy of Chartbeat Chartbeat's Union Square pad are located in a former yoga studio. Mural Any piece of art that is directly applied on a wall is called a mural. Time to make your house a home! If only you could drill holes, right?

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And the good news is, it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Houzify is the starting point for everything home. Houzify app is absolutely free!