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We are sad to report despite all our great work, the Governor's office is shutting us down. That degree of madcap inanity could probably never be sustained over long periods of time without becoming exhausting. Enissa Amani is a German-Iranian comedian, the first woman in Germany with a Netflix original special. Border Officer Charles Lloyd.

It doesn't matter cause I'm going to win ten million dollars. Subtitle Not Synced Wrong subtitle Missing subtitle. But she soon hauls out a PowerPoint presentation and brilliantly manages to translate internet humor to the stage. Desperation is a stinky cologne.

John Mulaney has matured into such an effortless, likeable performer. What are you going to do with ten million dollars, and you can't say buy the Cleveland Cavaliers. Investment Son of a Bitch. And you're banned from Dimpus Burger!

This is basically a cheaper, Afghani knockoff. Johnny Chimpo spotted in Northern Minnesota.

Those who want a replacement for Louis C. Programming subject to regional availability, blackouts, and device restrictions. Send me email updates and offers from Fox and its Company Affiliates.

Is Katt Williams even telling jokes anymore? Only in my day, the rookie got naked. No, and if you were, I'd take you down a peg or two. Black magic only works on the rookie. But they bring crowd work to the next level when they take the stage together and offer couples counseling.

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Is that what they do in Arabia, Thorny? And uh, how about that stupid guy for Rabbit. You know, you might get ahead around here if you made the extra effort. How did he start complaining about bread at Italian restaurants? What are you doing wearing that uniform in my station?

What are you, the shoe police? You are now leaving FoxMovies.

You may disagree with some of his more Millennial-bashing takes, but he shows remarkable candor and great wisdom when he addresses his divorce and what it takes to keep a relationship going. No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments. Also, looks like The Vermont Highway Patrol stopped in right after. Tacos Enchiladas guacamole Mexican.


When a border dispute arises between the U. Unions Goddamn banned cleaning lady. In desperate need of some laughs? Just print the damn thing! But of course, Farva makes that kind of joke all the time.

Super Troopers Report Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap. Five bored, pedro cazanova selfish love occasionally high and always ineffective Vermont state troopers must prove their worth to the governor or lose their jobs. Director Jay Chandrasekhar. He has a lengthy story about how he became obsessed with a guy who gave him a cigar that has a whiff of being a rejected concept for an episode of his sitcom.

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At first, Aparna Nancherla stands out as a socially awkward goofball, her cartoonish voice enhancing silly anxieties like what to say to a pilot upon leaving a plane. The only piece of the first script to remain in the film was the bit with Farva talking about which chewing gum he prefers.

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Brent Morin is that bro who dominates the conversation at a party rattling off a story you lost track of hours ago. That's a good investment but I'd still pull you over. Pigeons used to deliver messages? The pale, scruffy haired London comic James Acaster has not one, but four stand-up specials on Netflix. More performance art than strictly jokes, Glass has a big band playing only public domain songs to put a button on his ironically hacky gags.

Scholarly papers should be written about the comedic versatility of a character like Farva. Now you've got your goddamned unions.

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Compatible device and high-speed, broadband Internet connection required. What about the piece stuck to your shoe?

The best of the three Malaysian comedians, Much of Kavin Jay's charming material comes at the expense of his weight. Her very literal and lengthy setups to every joke feel appropriately German. Police Brutality Unions Goddamned.

Prank soap Hearts bite it. The Canadian-stereotype gags are pervasive to the point that they eventually play less like good-natured ribbing and more like lazy joke-writing and willful ignorance. How the hell should I know?

The Fred Savage incident is shown at the beginning of the credits. Trivia The film went through several drafts of the script. You guys are real crazy, hey look out for these guys. Video Wrong video Broken video Others. And now you know how that feels.

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One joke stops just short of insights about why racism is far subtler in Britain and defaults to an easy swipe at the South. Gina Yashere observes that most people in Hollywood think black women look either like Halle Berry or Precious.