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Gilmore, who is unsympathetic, saying that Sir Percival is held in high regard but that he would speak to Glyde to clarify the situation. Marian is informed by Frederick Fairlie in a letter that Laura has died. They move to the drawing room where Fosco flirts with Marian and dances with her aggressively until Marian breaks from his grasp. Walter then sees the woman in white again in the grounds of Limmeridge House but she runs away before he can talk to her.

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These are external links and will open in a new window. Michelson discovers Marian in a wing of the house which is normally kept locked.

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This provides the motive for the conspiracy of her unscrupulous husband and his co-conspirator Fosco. He breaks in and in his haste to destroy the records he starts a fire which gets out of control and Glyde perishes in the flames. When Fosco prepares to flee the country, Walter forces a written confession from him, by which Laura's identity is legally restored, in exchange for safe-passage from England. Glyde arrives at Limmeridge to see Laura prior to the wedding. The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.

White wife with collar and leash. Fairlie's niece, and Marian Halcombe, her devoted half-sister.

Some time later Walter overhears a conversation between a policeman and a coach passenger suggesting that the woman is deranged and has escaped from an asylum. At this time Count Fosco, who is an associate of Glyde's and married to Laura's aunt, arrives at Limmeridge to spend time with them and to attend the wedding, which now takes place. When Marian sees her she realizes that the woman is Laura, not Anne.

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